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20th April 2022 | A stable day for crypto market but a really bright day for few tokens. There was seen a massive spike in the market price of JasmyCoin, ApeCoin and SNX token.  

The highlights of the day were stolen by JasmyCoin which witnessed a unstoppable trading for the most part of the day. There coin grew from about 0.020USDT to 0.028USDT with a more than 30% increase in a day.

ApeCoin however witnessed about same level of rise but the amount of trading was not that much SNX token had a little less rise but the market blooming well.

For the day no token or coin witnessed a dip but the previously risen coins dropped a bit. 

Over all the day was bright for all cryptos and most of the coins rose by 8% and more.

Bitcoin and Ethereum witnessed a small rise. The coins have been in a similar range for a much time now and there is only a small rise in the prices or a dip.

DodgeCoin gained 4% and Litecoin about 2%.

Clearly the market has not been suitable for Litecoin in a while still it witnessed a good trading volume and price yesterday.

JasmyCoin overview:

JasmyCoin (JASMY) is a cryptocurrency project of the Jasmy Corporation, a Tokyo-based Internet-of-Things (IoT) provider headed by ex-Sony executives, including former Sony president Kunitake Andō. Although in its early stages, the cryptocurrency project may have appeared on your radar recently, after a swathe of centralised exchange (CEX) listings of the JASMY coin.

What crypto to buy today?

Tether USDT:

As per our predictions the market may fall again in a day or so. It is better to save in such a situation and buy your next crypto in its lowest possible price. The market looks good for DogeCoin so you may consider to buy this one too.

NOTE: Crypto Markets are volatile and it is very difficult to make exact predictions. We in no way are responsible for any loss and the risk and responsibility of the investment is solely upon the individual.

*Today here refers to the next day of the publishing of this post

What decides the value of a crypto currency?

Crypto news

 It is not so that if I make a cryptocurrency model and decide to list it today, i can and cannot decide the value on my own there will be many factors that I will have to consider before giving crypto a value.

In a way it will be me that decides the value but it will depend on how many coins I am making? How much will be available for purchase and how much will be mineable? One of the main things that would decide the value of the crypto ahead will be the the market i.e. how many people are interested in my project, the volume i.e. how much and hoe many coins are traded over a period of time. This way I can even keep the price as high as I wish but I must not let the market crash if I am creating many coins. This way I will have to start with just fractions of a coin available for trading and not many people will purchase a greater part of the cryptocurrency hence the prices will begin to fall in order not to stay at one place and circulate in the market, which is the objective of every cryptocurrency.

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