5 Best Electric scooters and cars to buy in Kashmir

Electric Vehicles are in a lot of buzz these days and are under constant development. At present age we are witnessing cars which are able to compete with the gas cars and at somewhere and someplace are better than normal commercial vehicles.

In Kashmir you we need to keep in mind a few thing before buying an Electric Vehicle.

The roads here are not a big deal but what actually is a concern is that there is poor infrastructure for the proper maintenance and use of these vehicles. There are very less service and almost no charging station for EVs. 

Hence I do not recommend using EVs for large distance travel but for day to day travel in the city itself these are of great use. 

5 Best Electric Scooters in Kashmir: 

Ather 450X

450X Model Image 

More about power this scooter is perfect for all purposes.This scooter can give a range of more than 100km and can reach a top speed of 80kmph. Perfect to replace a traditional scooter, though a bit costly as it may seem but for long term this is really cheaper than a petrol based two wheeler as the cost of petrol is saved if you are riding this beauty.

Ola S1 pro

OLA S1 Pro Model Image 

This scooter has been so much n demand that you will have to make a reservation for order. This scooter has a large battery pack of more than 3kWh making it a range maestro among all other electric two wheeler. Ola promises a range of about 181kms and a top speed of about 115kmph. Grab this one if you can!!

7Pure Etrance Neo

Best Electric Two-Wheeler in India | ETrance Neo | PURE EV 

A perfect electric scooter which is light on pocket too. More than its good looks this scooty has can give a range of about 80kms and more. It has a top speed of about 60kmph which may seem little less but is okay for daily use in city. This one come in pretty cool colors.

Okinawa OKHI-90

Okinawa OKHI-90 Model Image 
A newly launched electric two wheeler form Okinawa. This scooty has a good build and has promised performance while being efficient. This scooty can give a range of 160kms and also has a top speed of 80-90kms. OKHI-90 is budget friendly and comes in 4 color variants.

TVS iQube Electric

3. TVS iQube Electric

TVS iQube Electric is a well-designed scooter with modern aesthetics. It has a top speed of 78 kmph and a range of 75 km. If operated on lower speeds the range may be improved but overall the performance is great. It comes with an alumnium casing and price is also okay.

The best Electric cars in Kashmir:

5. Mahindra e2oPlus

Mahindra e2oPlus

  • Battery Capacity – 10.08kWh
  • Distance per Charge – 99.9km/full charge
  • Recharge Time – 75 minutes with a fast charger and six hours with a standard charger.
  • Price – Starting from Rs.7.57 lakh.


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