1kw Solar Panel price in New Delhi India (2022)

1kw solar panel is a more upgraded and better power generating option to go or when considering to install a solar energy system. The full system consists of  a solar panel, battery, inverter and other stuff. The first thing that you should check before installing an option is your load/power consumption. If your load is 800W or less then a 1kw solar panel system is the best option for you.


A 1kw solar panel can range anywhere in between 30,000 Rs. to 80,000 depending upon the type of the solar panel you are buying . A monocrystaline solar panel is usually a better option to buy as it provides more efficiency and is durable than its counterpart polycrystaline panel. Hence you may find a 1kw solar panel cheaper than the above mentioned price but it may not be a good quality or may be it is not 1kw and less. 

For a monocrystaline solar panel the cost usally ranges fro Rs19/watt - Rs25/watt.

On the contrary the price of a polycrystaline solar panel may range from 17Rs/watt - 23Rs/watt.

There is also another type of a solar panel which are relatively less efficient but flexible and somewhat transparent these are thin film solar panels or the second generation solar panels. These due to their flexibility are of great use at places like in glass panes usually in large buildings and green houses. The cost may vary as per quality and the range is about 15Rs/watt to 60Rs/watt. 

In some states government also provides subsidy over the purchase of solar solutions so do check for that to save more.

In New Delhi the following benefit plan in subsidy can be availed:

  1. Residential sector upto 3 kW 40% of the benchmark cost
  2. Residential sector 3kW -10 kW  20% for RTS system
  3. Group Housing Societies  More than 500 kW 20%

More than 10 kW, subsidies can be availed for the initial 10 kW as per the regulations mentioned above. Hence subsidies cannot be availed for capacity above 10 kW.


How does a solar panel system work ?

In this 1kW system, the solar panels will absorb the sunlight and generate DC electricity. This electricity then passes through a solar inverter which converts DC electricity into AC electricity and power your appliances. Solar power will be the first and the solar battery/grid will be the second priority to run your home load. Once you invest in a 1kW solar system, you will see a tremendous increase in your savings.

How does a solar panel work
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Do I need a solar panel or a solar power system?

As of a simple solar panel, you can do nothing unless you harness the energy it creates and store it perfectly. For that purpose the complete solar power system consists of solar panels, a battery pack, inverter and connecting wires. This is what you will need to harness the solar energy. 

As mentioned above do check for your load first and the  decide the range of the solar power system that you should buy. On a 1kw system you can use 20+ led bulbs, charging for laptop and phone, a small fridge or fan (rated 500w or less) and  a TV at the same time. 

If your need is more choose the system accordingly.

How much does 1kW solar produce?

An estimate of a 1kw solar panel produces 1 unit of electricity per hour provided there is adequate amount of sunlight and solar panels are efficient enough to harness the energy. Below is a rough estimate of how much power in kWh a solar panel can generate in northern India.

Month Power Generated (kWh)
January 5
Febraury 5
March 6
April 7
May 7
June 7.5
July 8
August 7
September 7
October 6
November 5

Types of installations

In India we have two types of solar installations available:

On Grid: In which your solar system is connected to your grid and no energy is stored on your side. Rather the excess energy produced is sold to the grid and you can also earn some revenue on this energy. This is usually cheaper as there is no requirement of a battery.

Off-Grid : This is a simple but costlier installation where the energy produced will be stored in batteries but the extra energy if produced goes to waste. 

What are advantages of solar system?

  • Reduces electricity bills
  • Provides continuous power for 24x7
  • Reduces pollution as it generates green energy
  • Provide additional source of income to farmers who export this solar energy to grid and earn extra money
  • Property value increases by installing solar system on roof
  • You get subsidy and incentive from government
  • You become owner of your electricity and reduces burden on transmission line
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