The best websites to do online courses in India

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Online learning is a trend these days and it is much appreciated that a person should do courses online and gain new skills. It is much necessary for a person to be skillful and it is also necessary to get job opportunities in multimillionaire companies.

Our generation today have tools that was not thought of few decades ago and also are we lucky enough to get an opportunity to learn at out pace and place.

No matter if you are a student or already passed your college or university their is no age barrier to learn online. There is a vast ocean to explore and much things to learn. Also much of it is free but it is appreciated to get paid courses and also because you get a chance to earn a certificate too.

So here we have a the list websites which are best for learning online in India.

1.SWAYAM / NPTEL: For Indian students, Swayam/NPTEL is the best platform to learn online. It comes under the India's Ministry of Human Resource development and teachers on this platform belong to the reputed institutes of the country like IIT's, AIIMS, IGNOU and more. It offers a wide range of courses in almost all fields of studies like Science, Engineering, Medics, Humanities, Arts, and other subjects. All courses are free to enroll and learn from but for certificates you need to register for the proctored exams and pay the examination fee which is around 2000INR.  Certificates earned from NPTEL hold a great significance and also provide a positive impact on students CV. One thing that NPTEL lacks is flexibility although you can learn whenever you want but for certificates you will have to do the assignments and other works on time.

2. Coursera: Its is the second best platform for online learning in India. It provides a wide range of courses in many fields and is popular for specializations. Many of these courses can yield you a certificate from reputed Institutions and companies like Google and Amazon. It also provides some free courses and other courses are available in almost every field.

3.Udemy: Udemy is an extremely brilliant platform to learn online and the availability of choice is enormous. It also provides free as well as paid courses and it is budget friendly too. Most famous courses on this platform belong to the Computer Sciences and its specializations. If you are a student who wishes to learn computer sciences related topics then I would prefer you should go for Udemy. But thier is this one thing that one can easily get the course completion certificate form Udemy so the certificates which are given only for course completion have a little less value. 

4.edX: It was founded in America with a mission of providing mass open online courses  created by Harvard and MIT. It hosts online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines to a worldwide student body, including some courses at no charge. It also conducts research into learning based on how people use its platform. The best thing about edx is that it stotally free however you may have to pay a small fee for the certificate.

5. Skillshare:  Skillshare is also a good platform to learn online. what makes skilll share different is that it is focused more on community than on lecturing . Skillshare offers the goal of learning by completing a project. There are several main course categories you can gain skills in, such as entrepreneurship, arts, design, and technology.

6.Upgrad: An emerging giant in the online learning platform, offers courses in many interest specially in Computer Sciences it also provides 1-1 sessions with tutors and online live classes. The certificates from Upgrad leave a positive impact on CV and also these certifications come from reputed institutions and companies.

7.YouTube: Despite being an entertainment and video sharing platform. YouTube has emerged as a large education hub with many creators providing knowledgeable and informative lectures and even courses. Free of cost Free for al. It is a platform where you get a vast choice of tutors and educators on a single subject and even in different languages. One disadvantage of learning form YouTube is that you do not get certificate of any kind but the skill will remain with you forever. 

8.Edureka: More concerned with growing technologies. Edureka provides instructor led courses mostly in computer sciences and also provides training courses for companies.

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